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It is 100 % free to sign-up and search for media. You only need to pay when you have found the medias you want to purchase and need to sign-up for a subscription. It is also free to contact us and ask for advice.

  • Free registration
  • Free to search for medias
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  • No hidden costs

Stock medias are an easy and great way to enhance the professional look of your design. It adds a visual feel and makes the design lively, at the same time that it attracts readers and help you prove a point.

At Unlimvideos you will find stock footages for all your needs.

All our creative medias have a Royalty Free (standard) license. This makes it easy for you, since you can use the medias an unlimited amount of times for almost any purpose* without having to pay extra. The rights granted are non-transferable and personal to you or your company.

Once you have purchased an media, there is no time limitation on when you can use the media. It is yours forever.

  • Website design where the medias are integrated into designs
  • Print on demand (mugs, t-shirts, clothing, journal covers, books, ebooks etc..)
  • Social media posts & advertising
  • Powerpoint and Keynote presentations
  • Video Advertising
  • Non-trademarked company logos
  • Advertisements and commercials
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Websites and blogs
  • Advertisements and commercials
  • TV shows
  • Brochures, flyers and newsletters
  • Intranet and internal business communications
  • Business cards
  • Annual reports
  • Apps, Software and Video games and apps for smartphones/tablets
  • Book covers
  • Food packaging
  • Computer games

All Creative medias at YAY have a Royalty Free license, which means that you can reuse the same media in several media without paying extra.

An Extended License is needed for when the unedited media or vector adds most or all of the value to a product. One example is printing medias directly on canvas or t-shirt without making modifications, edits or improvements.

Digital Use:

  • Website templates made available for bulk resale
  • Mobile Apps & Software

Printed Use:

  • Canvas artwork, calendars or other print where the file adds most of the value
  • Print runs of over 500,000

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Nope! The best argument to use Royalty Free stock footages you find at YAY, is that there are almost no limitations. You can use the medias an unlimited amount of times without paying extra. There are also no limitations on the duration of the usage or the size.

It doesn't matter if you use the media in a magazine, on a website or any other use. All uses are included in the same license. You can also use the same media in different media, without paying extra.

Please note that we recommend contacting us if you need to produce 500,000 print runs of any print on demand items, books, magazines or other print runs.

All Creative medias at this site have a Royalty Free license. This license grants you the permission to use the media without restriction to size, circulation, media and the like. The license covers most uses our customers have.

The same media can be a part of a commercial, your web design and your business card. You can use the media for as long as you want. Royalty Free medias are an affordable solution without any extra costs added.

The Royalty Free license does not give you the right to resell the media in any way. You cannot use an media in a pornographic or unlawful purpose, to defame a person, to violate a person's right to privacy or publicity, to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark of any person/entity. The license is also non-transferable, and belongs to you as a person or the company who purchased the license.

In addition to Creative / Royalty Free stock footages, YAY also sells editorial medias. These medias are intended for editorial use only, and cannot be used commercially.

Editorial rights are licensed on a use-by-use basis. Use in an editorial manner means use relating to events that are newsworthy or of public interest and usually distributed through a legitimate mass media, presumably unbiased, which reaches an anonymous audience.

As a rule of thumb medias marked editorial should only be used in connection with an editorial article. The article (or text) has to have a relevance to the media used. You can use an media of a celebrity to illustrate an article about that celebrity, but you cannot use the media to illustrate the article "Ten steps to get the man of your dreams". You also cannot use an editorial media commercially, f.ex use an media of a famous couple and connect it to the online dating-service you run. What you can do, however, is to use the media in connection with the article "Love is blooming in Hollywood".

The copyright of medias found at YAY are solely owned by the photographer who took the media. When you purchase an media, you get a license that grants you permission to use the media.

YAY has obtained the rights to market and sell licenses of the photos / artworks for the photographers. The photographer gets paid a commission each time an media is downloaded or streamed.

Almost all possible uses of medias are covered by the standard Royalty Free license. If you are reselling the media in any way (f.ex in a template, on t-shirt, coffee mugs, etc), and you have circulation of your products of more than 100, you must contact us for a Pro Plan. There are also a few restrictions on use, which is described below.

Royalty Free medias cannot be used in a defamatory, unlawful or pornographic way. You cannot use them in trademarked logos or use medias depicting people in political campaigns in such a way that the model seems to embrace a special political cause. You cannot use an media to infringe any copyright, trade name, trademark or service mark of any entity or person. medias marked as editorial must only be used in an editorial context. You cannot modify editorial medias, except moderate color adjustments, cropping and the like. There is a also a restriction on using a subscriptions to build your own photo bank. If you regularly need medias, you must have a subscription.

Yes! medias with a Royalty Free license can be used or incorporated into a logo. Please note, however, that it is not possible to trademark a logo with a Royalty Free media in it. Also remember that other people and companies can purchase the same media as you have chosen, since you do not receive the exclusive rights to the media(s) you buy.

Generally most uses of stock footages are covered by the standard Royalty Free license. The exception is if you are selling a product which incorporates the medias in an essential manner. This basically means that you must purchase an extended license if you are selling a product where the media is central to the product you are selling. Examples of this could be if you are using the media on postcards, t-shirts or coffee cups. We also recommend an extended license if you need to print/use the media more than 500 000 times (this does not apply to advertisements, tv-productions or websites).

If you are making a product in less than 100 copies, you do NOT need an extended license. If you purchase a standard license, you can upgrade it to an extended license by contacting us. To acquire an extended license, you need an Extended License. This can be purchased for 29 download credits per single media otherwise please contact us for larger extended license plans.

We only accept payment in US Dollars. Please note, however, that your credit card supports all major currencies, so you will be able to use your card even though it's main currency is not US Dollars.

Vector files are scalable graphic files. These files can be resized indefinitely without loss of quality. That makes these files very handy when working with graphic design. Vector graphics is based on medias made up of vectors (also called paths, or strokes) which lead through locations called control points. In this way the vector file is a mathematical description of how the media should look. We sell both EPS and SVG vector files. Please note that you may require additional software in order to use vector files. Adobe Illustrator is recommended, but also Adobe Photoshop handles EPS files to a degree. The free software Inkscape handles SVG files. In order to download vector files you need to purchase the Print subscription.

All our medias are JPEGs. Our vector files are either EPS or SVG. In addition all vector files are also available as JPEGs. Original videos can be in both MOV and MP4 format, and the codecs will vary between videos.

Yes, you can sell your medias. Yo'll have to register at our partner site Here you'll be able to upload your medias and license them to our customers. Learn more about selling your medias.


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